Intuitive hands on healing

Hands on healing can be extremely effective when you want to experience relaxation and need support for either physical, mental or emotional issues.

It relaxes, comforts, increases vitality and is an excellent support treatment for various illnesses.

I am naturally intuitive and also a highly sensitive person. HSP is born with a sensitive nervous system and in my case it manifests as a deep ability to read/listen to my clients body and energy. Deep inner transformation has brought me to a place where I am able to provide my clients safe and loving atmosphere to rest and let go.

During the treatment you may receive what you need in that moment and what your are ready for. Your experience of the treatment may be different each time and have different effects on you. If your are very tired and in distress, the treatment can energize your body and bring clarity to your mind. If you feel overly excited and not grounded, the treatment can support you to become more relaxed and peaceful in your body.

Frequent hands on healing treatments can help to activate the self healing mechanism of the body. It may support your body and develop your consciousness to be able to release tensions and emotions. Regular treatments can also support to develop mindful presence of the body and its sensations.

I can also recommend it anytime you need improvement for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. The treatment may increase your strength and help you to process your current life situation.

If you are in pain or suffer from muscle aches, hands on healing is helpful and soothing.

Please come to the treatment in comfortable clothes to support relaxation.

Price 50 euros. Payment in cash, please.